Create an order

Perform a request to create a quotation for a new client.




Accepted Methods



This API requires authorization with shopId and X-Auth-Token header .


Parameter Mandatory Type Format Description
email No String Valid email address
vatId No String VAT code, Es: 12345678901
vatCountry No String 2 uppercase chars Vat country, Es: IT
amount No Integer Loan amount to be requested, in euro cents
lastname No String
firstname No String 11 chars
fiscalCode No String 16 chars Fiscal code
mobilePhone No String Do not include +39
countryCallingCode No String International prefix. Example: +39. Default value: +39
city No String
address No String Es. via roma, with no commas
province No String 2 uppercase chars Es: MI
postalCode No String Es: 20100
civicNumber No String
zeroInterestRate No Boolean 5 digits Defaults on the shop settings
successUrl No String URL Callback to a url on the client website for the success case
errorUrl No String URL Callback to a url on the client website for any error or deny case
callbackUrl No String URL Callback to a url on the partner server to update request status
orderReference No String Ecommerce internal order code or other reference

If you're using API Basic...

Our response gives you an order token. Use this token to redirect the user to our webapp in order to complete the payment process:

Production redirect URL:{shopId}#/loan-request?token={token}

Sandbox redirect URL:{token}

If you're using API Advanced or API Complete...

Just send us orderReference and callbackUrl params. You don't need anything else.

Psst! 😉 Send us at least callbackUrl param, so you can use server to server callbacks.

Then, retain the token we send back to you in our response. You'll need it in the second step of API Advanced integration or API Complete integration.

You can now continue your API Advanced or API Complete integration.


This API returns a JSON object.

HTTP Response codes

Code Description
200 Returned when successful
403 Forbidden
404 The resource has not been found
500 System error

Valid response

     "token": <stringa>

Error response

    "errors": {
         "domain": [
             0: "Invalid fiscalCode."

Server to server callback

The following information are valid for API Basic, API Advanced and API Complete as well.

It's possible to receive status updates about the loan request, configuring the callbackUrl parameter. If you provide us with a valid URL of a resource on your server, you will receive the following updates as POST calls:

    "eventId": {eventId},
    "eventMessage": {eventMessage},
    "eventDate": {date},
    "orderToken": {token},
    "orderReference": {orderReference}

Where the {token} will give you a reference to your payment order, while {orderReference} is your internal reference code that you sent us in the API call. {eventId} and {eventMessage} will show the following values:

Status eventId eventMessage Description
Request approved LoanWasApproved loan approved The payment request is approved. The user has to upload his IDs/documents.
Waiting for financing LoanWasVerified waiting for disbursement The user uploaded the documents and signed the contract. The payment will be financed.
Financed LoanWasDisbursed payment received The order has been paid out.
Canceled UserWasRejected documents check KO The user's documents are rejected and the payment failed.
Canceled UserWasRejected payment failed The payment failed