Best practices

While using our APIs, we require our partners to use some best practices and conventions.


We express our currencies in eurocents. It's an integer value, just like this:

amount: 1234

the value of the amount parameter will be interpreted as 12,34 €.
This is the format we require you to send currency amounts to us and that's the same amount we will give you back in our API's responses.


Each API call uses the HTTP/1.1 protocol. Check the following example:

http --json GET{shopId}/loan-quotes\?amount\=50000\&instalments\=6 "X-Auth-token: {X-Auth-Token}"

GET /api/shops/{shopId}/loan-quotes?amount=50000&instalments=6 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json, */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Type: application/json
X-Auth-token: {X-Auth-Token}