Create a request

Perform a request to create a quotation for a new client.




Accepted Methods



This API requires authorization with shopId and X-Auth-Token header .


A call to POST /api/shops/{shopId}/orders is required. Check Create an order for further information.


Parameter Mandatory Type Format Description
amount Yes Integer Loan amount to be requested, in euro cents
privacy Yes Boolean User agreed to our privacy policy
marketing No Boolean User agreed to our marketing policy
fiscalCode Yes String 16 chars Fiscal code
jobDescription Yes String A job description. Allowed values: 'student', 'retired', 'unemployed', 'inheritance', 'entrepreneur', 'self_employed', 'seasonal_worker', 'freelance_professional', 'employee_open_ended_contract', 'employee_fixed_term_contract'.
actualJobEndingDate No String MM/YYYY Job ending date - mandatory if jobDescription is 'employee_fixed_term_contract'
vatId No String 11 chars A valid VAT id - mandatory if jobDescription is 'entrepreneur'
vatCountry No String 2 chars A valid country code - mandatory if jobDescription is 'entrepreneur'
instalments No Integer Number of instalments, from 3 to 60
zeroInterestRate No Boolean Defaults on the shop settings


This API returns a JSON object.

HTTP Response codes

Code Description
201 Resource has been created
400 A domain error occurred
403 Forbidden
404 The resource has not been found
500 System error

Valid response

     "apr": <float>,
     "fiscalCode": <string>,
     "totalRepayment": <integer>,
     "instalmentAmount": <integer>,
     "zeroInterestRate": <boolean>
     "additionalDataNeeded": <boolean>

Note: the additionalDataNeeded field indicates if additional information are required in the 2 following calls.

Error response

 "errors": {
     "domain": [
         0: "Invalid fiscalCode."