A payment request on Soisy can take different statuses.
In addition to receiving status updates via email, you can receive update notifications as POST calls using thecallbackUrl parameter in the call for order creation. This parameter should contain the valid URL of a resource on your server.

The content is sent in the form application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
The content of the call is as follows:

    "eventId": {eventId},
    "eventMessage": {eventMessage},
    "eventDate": {date},
    "orderToken": {token},
    "orderReference": {orderReference}

The {token} will give you the Soisy reference identifying the payment, while {orderReference} is your internal reference code, which you sent us in the API call. {eventId} and {eventMessage} will contain the following values:

Status eventId eventMessage Description
Request approved LoanWasApproved loan approved Financing approved
Financing Pending LoanWasVerified waiting for disbursement The user uploaded his documents, signed the contract, and was verified.
Funded LoanWasDisbursed payment received Payment has been made
Cancelled UserWasRejected documents check KO The customer's documents were refused, so the payment was not successful
Cancelled UserWasRejected payment failed Payment was not successful