ID Documents

We need customer documents to do a proper credit check.

The list of required documents varies depending on the circumstance, but in general you will have to ask your customers for the front and back of their ID card and fiscal code, and a selfie.

The selfie is the most delicate of the requested documents. The selfie must be made with the document in hand, clearly visible. What is it for? To associate the customer's face with the one represented on the document, to attest that the customer is actually making the request. Often we get images where you can't see the document well, or you don't see the person well, so be sure to specify well on your site how to take the photo. We already have a very detailed guide which explains all aspects related to selfies well, and which you can use as a starting point for the text to use on your platform.

Furthermore, depending on the case, some other documents may be required. For example the residence permit, if the user does not come from the European Community, or an income document, which is mandatory if in the creation of payment request call we returned the additionalDataNeeded parameter with value true.