Activate a suspended order

Suspended order, or suspended loan, is a feature that allows partners to create an order without having it financed. A typical example case is if you produce something custom-made: the customer buys a product, and then a suspended order is created, but the payment is made when the product is ready to be shipped. So between the order and shipment several days, weeks, or even months may pass. In this case you will have to tell us when to start the payment for the single order, and this API serves this purpose. Once this API is called, the financing of the order will start.

To activate this feature, contact our partner support team at




Accepted methods



This API requires authentication via shopId and headerX-Auth-Token.


Parameter Required Type Format Description
amount Yes Total Order total, in € cents


The API does not return any value if successful.

HTTP Error codes

Code Description
204 Request completed successfully
403 The request could not be authenticated
404 Resource not found
500 System error