Get all orders

This endpoint allows you to retrieve information about all of your orders.




Accepted methods



Accept: text/csv

Orders are shown only in CSV format.


This API requires authentication via shopId and headerX-Auth-Token.

Optional GET Parameters

The following GET parameters are optional and can be put inside the URL.

Parameter Request Type Format Description
fromCreatedAt No String yyyy-mm-dd Filter results from the given order's creation date onwards
fromDisbursedAt No String yyyy-mm-dd Filter results from the given order's disbursement date onwards. WARNING: This filter will ignore any value given to the status filter, if provided.
status No String Pick one of the following: quote, request_received, request_accepted, waiting_for_verification, waiting_for_disbursement, disbursed, cancelled. Filter results by statuses.


The API returns an object in CSV format with the following structure:

Field Type Description
soisyOrderReference String Single-item order identification token
orderReference String Order reference code or other reference
firstname String Applicant's name
lastname String Applicant's surname
loanNetAmount Float Amount that you will see credited to your account for this order, in case of successful payment. In €
loanAmount Float Total order, in €
zeroInterestRate Boolean Indicates if it is the zero rate option is active for this order
feeForDisbursement Float or null Amount indicating the commission incurred by the partner for the payment of the order. This value is populated only after the charge.
status String Order status.
requestedAt String Order creation date
disbursedAt String Date on which the order was financed and the order passed to the status
instalments Int Instalments number of this payment

HTTP Error codes

Code Description
200 Request completed successfully
400 Invalid HTTP Accept header
404 Resource not found
500 System error

Error response

The JSON object returned in the event of an error varies depending on the HTTP response code.

Error 403

The request sent contains invalid credentials. Check the shopId and the X-Auth-Token header. Find more info on credentials in the paragraph about authentication.

     "errors": "Authentication Failed"

404 Error

Replies with this HTTP code indicate that the resource was not found.

     "errors": "No orders found"

Error 500

Replies with this HTTP code indicate that a system error has occurred.

     "errors": {errorMessage}