The main step "Order" allows you to create or retrieve an order resource on Soisy's platform. This resource is just the very order that your customers have done on your e-commerce. You must add Soisy as a new payment method on your e-commerce's checkout:


Quando un utente sceglie il metodo di pagamento Soisy, non dovrai fare altro che: When your customers will choose Soisy as payment method for their orders, you will:

  1. send us the order data;
  2. redirect your customers to our webapp or continue the integration

Sending us the order data

You just need to use the Create an order API to send us the order data: total amount of the cart, instalments number, email address, etc.). This API will return you a token that will identify uniquely your order on Soisy.
You have to save this token on your systems for future purposes.

Redirect your customers to our webapp

Once you've done with the data sending, you can choose to redirect your customers to our webapp using the following URL

Sandbox: http://shop.sandbox.soisy.it/{shopId}#/loan-request?token={token}
Produzione: https://shop.soisy.it/{shopId}#/loan-request?token={token}

or you can just use the redirectUrl parameter that has returned you in the order creation API alongside with the token.

Our webapp will recognize the token and route your customers to our those pages that'll allow them to continue with the payment request. The following is an example of the landing page after the redirect:

WebApp Soisy

If you wish to see the whole funnel of Soisy, please check the video on the Introduction page.

From now on, your customers will continue on our webapp. The whole flow takes 3 minutes on average.
If you wish to understand more on how the redirect procedure works, please check the Redirect page.

You'll be notified via email and via callback once your customers advance in our payment request.
You can read more infos about callbacks here.
You'll also find every order in your partner dashboard.