Sandbox and Testing

Sandbox environment

We have a sandbox environment where you can perform all tests you need. You can use the following authentication credentials:

shopId: partnershop
X-Auth-Token: partnerkey

These credentials are meant to be used in the sandbox only. Once you're done, contact our partner support to request your dedicated production credentials.

The sandbox APIs URL's host is:

Testing in production environment

We need to have a word about testing in Soisy's production environment. 🙂 Our installments payment requests are sent to many credit bureaus to be evaluated, affecting a person's credit history.
This is why we provide a sandbox environment that is a copy of our production environment, using the same code. So we are able to say confidently: "If it works in the sandbox, it's going to work in production as well".

We are, however, a very empathetic company, and we understand that you can feel the need for a production test.
We reccommend you to inform our customer support before doing the production test, telling us the personal data you will be testing in advance.

During your test sessions, it's mandatory that you use as email domain. Any different email format will be deleted.
After your going live you have a 2 days timebox limit to do any test in the production environment.

Always keep in mind to not sign the contract, since it will bind that user to Soisy.

Testing users

Email addresses

You'll be doing many tests. Each of them must have a unique fiscal code and email address, because we allow only one installment payment request per person, at the moment.

You can use any kind of tesing email like these:

or these, if you need to do tests that are kinda the same:

NOTE: We are not sending any email in our sandbox environment.

Fiscal codes

What previously has been said for email addresses applies to fiscal codes as well: We do not allow multiple users with the same fiscal code.


NOTE: If during your tests you see Soisy's login page, it's because either a fiscal code or an email address has been used before. Change it to something else to proceed further.


You can check how to use callbacks to automate your order's status updates in this page.

You can test your callbacks in two ways:

  1. Use the following command to trigger your callback on your own
  2. Ask for help to Soisy's customer support
-d "eventId=EVENT_ID&eventMessage=EVENT_MESSAGE&eventDate=EVENT_DATE&orderToken=ORDER_TOKEN&orderReference=ORDER_REFERENCE"

You can see how the command has many placeholders. You're supposed to replace them like this:

  • YOUR_CALLBACK_URL: Your endpoint's URL (Ex.
  • EVENT_ID: You can check our event IDs list and pick the right one for your testing session (Ex. LoanWasApproved).
  • EVENT_MESSAGE: You can check our event messages list and pick the right one for your testing session. (Replace spaces with the %20 string. Ex. loan approved to loan%20approved)
  • EVENT_DATE: Datetime of the event. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss
  • ORDER_TOKEN: 40 characters token that uniquely identifies your Soisy order. You can get this order token as result of a successful order creation. (Ex. abcdefghij1234567890ABCDEFGHIJ1234567890)
  • ORDER_REFERENCE: Order ID that uniquely identifies your order in your e-commerce. (Ex. 123456)

Full example:

curl -XPOST '' \
-d "eventId=LoanWasApproved&eventMessage=loan%20approved&eventDate=2020-01-01T12:30:00&orderToken=abcdefghij1234567890ABCDEFGHIJ1234567890&orderReference=123456"