🥳 Welcome to Soisy's API Documentation.

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If you're trying to figure out how to integrate Soisy in your e-commerce, then you're in the right place!

So, how does this work? 🤔

Soisy will be a new payment method on your e-commerce that your customers can choose, just like PayPal or Stripe.


Clicking on "Soisy", your customers can pay for their whole cart in instalments.

Soisy's integration flow

There are four main sequential steps that are part of the Soisy's integration:

  1. Order creation
  2. Creation and approval of a payment request
  3. Upload of the customer's documents ID
  4. Digital signature

You can use our APIs untile the second step. After the first or second step, you can redirect your customers to our webapp and let them finish the remaining steps on our funnel.

This practice has many advantages for you:

  • You decide how much effort to put into your initial development and it gives you the freedom to decide to which step to stop.
  • You can emulate the PayPal's payment experience: filling the cart in your e-commerce, going to the checkout, and completing the payment on Soisy
  • Best experience for your brand: Let your customers immediately know in your e-commerce or app if they've been approved for the instalment payment solution. If they're not, just offer them to pay with another payment method while never leaving your funnel.

In the following video, you can see Soisy's whole payment request from our webapp

So, what are you waiting for 😄 ?

What should I choose: API or plugin?

In order to let you integrate with Soisy in the fastest and simplest way, we let you decide whether to integrate via plugin or via API.

The plugin has the advantage to be plug&play: You install it on your platform and you're ready to go.
The plugin choice integrates Soisy until the order step but it doesn't allow you to use callbacks.

APIs, on the other hand, let you develop a more free and customizable experience:

  • you decide to which step integrate to, and leave the rest to us
  • you can customize your platform for your business needs
  • you can receive the order status updates in real time using callbacks