Plugins allow you to integrate with Soisy quickly. They are certainly less powerful than our APIs, but they allow you to do quick and stress-free tests.

There are two kids of plugins: officials and unofficials.

Official plugins have the following features:

  • They are developed, maintained and distributed by Soisy
  • They are plug&play solutions. They are a wrapper of the very first and most easy integration step, order creation, without callbacks.
  • Soisy provide technical support on these plugins
  • Soisy provide official and periodical updates

Unofficial plugins have the following features:

  • There can be free or paid versions
  • They are developed, maintained and distributed by the web agency that developed them
  • Whether you choose a paid or a free version, the plugin may have more or less features
  • Soisy does NOT provide technical support on these plugins
  • These plugins do NOT receive periodical official updates

Official plugis request flow

The Soisy plugins modify the payment functions of your e-commerce, integrating a new payment method called, precisely, Soisy. When a user chooses the Soisy payment method, the plugin will do nothing but:

  1. tell us the order data;
  2. redirect the user to our webapp.

Our webapp will recognize the customer and show him some customized screens to collect all the data necessary for the request.

Here is an example of the first screen of our webapp:

WebApp Soisy

If you want to view the full stream, watch the video on the Getting Started page. From this point on, the user will continue on our webapp.

The customer must confirm the data you have provided on our web app, while they must enter other data ex-novo , such as the fiscal code.

Order completion on our webapp lasts 3 minutes on average.
You will be notified by some emails as the user proceeds with the request.
Further, you will also find all the orders created via API on your Partner Dashboard.

Using the plugins, it is not possible to tap into the callbacks.

Supported platforms

Self-hosted platforms w/ official plugins

Self-hosted platforms w/ unofficial plugins

Cloud-hosted platforms